Holiday HIIT – A Simple At-Home Workout to Blast the Christmas Calories

Hello friends! Just a couple of more days until Christmas! Can you believe it?! I can’t really, because I’m in sunny Mexico so it definitely does not feel like Christmas. But I’m not complaining 😉 But for real though, this year has just flown by and I can’t wait to begin hearing your goals for […]

Holiday Thrive Guide: Shopping Edition

Hey Friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? On Saturday I set a record for myself by running two races in one week! They were just 5ks and Saturday’s race was much more relaxed than Sunday’s, but despite the rain it was still a lot of fun. Remember that eye […]

Fit Tip Friday: Burn More Fat with Full Body Workouts!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! And a happy Friday it is! I’ve got a day off from the hotel to attend a full-day media mastery workshop. My hope is to hone in on my writing and story-telling skills so I can begin getting my work in some local publications. On top of that, I got […]

Get Fit Without Leaving Your Couch!

You know how I feel about sitting. “It’s awful for our posture” “It contributes to muscular imbalances that can have a hugely negative impact on our physical performance” “Sitting is the new smoking!” But I have a secret for you. I’m a couch potato. My time for couch-lounging is incredibly limited, but when I get […]

Fall Fitness Fridays Week 5

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week so far. This week has been crazy busy for me (isn’t every week?) with some ups and downs, but overall it’s been good. This week didn’t go quite as planned with workouts, but here’s how it went: Sunday: Went bouldering for Fit Chick Frolic. It […]

Fall Fitness Fridays – Week 1

HERE WE GO FOLKS! Third post in three days. My brain is tired so mark this one on the calendar; it won’t be happening too often in the future 😉 Alright, so if you remember from my post last week, I am beginning a weekly linkup with some of my Sweat Pink Sistas. We are […]

Fit Tip Friday: Complexes Aren’t Complex!

Hello and happy Friday! It seems like the excitement of SeaWheeze weekend took its toll on me, because I woke up Tuesday morning with a nasty cold. Either that, or dumping a bucket of ice water on my head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge did it. Whatever it was, the past few days have […]

Fit Tip Friday: 10 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Help You Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals

F-F-F-FFFRRIIIDAAAAYYY!! There’s a few reasons I’m so excited about it being Friday even though I still have two more days of work until my weekend. For one, in exactly one week I will be surrounded by thousands of other Seawheeze-ers and limited edition Lululemon gear, shopping to my heart’s content. I’ve got blogging and Instagram […]

Traithlon, Shmiathlon – A Recap of My Experience & a Few Tips For Those Looking to Get Into Triathlon

I survived my first triathlon!!! I had SUCH a blast and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I had thought it would be! I was nervous about getting swam over or kicked in the head, drowning, getting in a bike crash, not being able to finish, plus a whole host of other things, but of […]