Fit Tip Friday: The “What the Hell” Effect

Hello everybody and Happy Friday! I’m going to be upfront with you. I didn’t write this post today. I actually didn’t even write it this week. I knew this week was going to be a crazy one. I needed to get as many things done ahead of time as possible so I would have time […]

Holiday Thrive Guide: Shopping Edition

Hey Friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? On Saturday I set a record for myself by running two races in one week! They were just 5ks and Saturday’s race was much more relaxed than Sunday’s, but despite the rain it was still a lot of fun. Remember that eye […]

GUEST POST – The Paleo Diet Won’t Make You Healthy

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got a great guest post from a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Sara! I often get people asking me my thoughts about the Paleo diet, and while I have my opinions, it’s not something I’ve ever really done so I can’t talk a whole lot about it besides what the research says. Sara […]

Fall Off the Wagon? Five Tips for Getting Back on Track

Hello friends! It’s a beautiful, sunny, chilly morning here in Vancouver. I’m feeling good because for the first time in about two weeks I slept in past 7! I had my alarm set for 6:20 so I could make it to a 7:00 spin class but today my body just said NO so I decided […]

100 Blog Posts – Things I’ve Learned + a Roundup of Some of My Favourite Posts

100 blog posts! That’s a lot of words. A lot of photos. A lot of time spent staring blankly at the computer screen not knowing what to write. It’s a lot of time initially spent hiding my writing. A lot of time wondering what people I knew would think when I made my first post […]

How the Power of Positive Thought Changed My Life

Hello everybody! We’re back to our regular-scheduled programming here. Did you enjoy the guest bloggers I featured last week? I had a really productive yet relaxing week. My boyfriend was out of town so I took it as an opportunity to work a little later than usual, and I had access to a car which […]

Go-Getter, Goal-Setter: Time to Totally Own September

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all feeling rested and energized after the long weekend. No extra time off for me, but I’m not complaining after my awesome five day weekend last weekend. Jordan and I kept it pretty low key this weekend. We started our Sunday off with a good workout before taking a drive down […]

Seawheeze 2014 Recap!

Hello everyone! I’m fresh off a 5 day weekend and am feeling so amazing after these past few days, minus the cold that decided to join me yesterday morning. I got sweaty, ate a lot of delicious food, accomplished a lot of things, and all in all got totally inspired to “carpe the fuck out […]

Fit Tip Friday: Embrace Active Living

When I first began my journey to become a Personal Trainer there was a term that frequently came up that I’d never heard of before: Active living. What is active living, you ask? Well let’s start off with what active living ISN’T. Active living isn’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours, driving to the […]