Fit Tip Friday: How to Lose Weight While Still Eating the Foods You Enjoy

Hey everyone! How did your week go? Get up to anything exciting? This week was nice in that I got a lot done, yet didn’t feel totally crazy-stressed out all the time. I even had some free time before work and after training Monday and Thursday evenings! I think my rigid schedule is starting to […]

How Much Protein Do You Really Need, Bro?

9 days until my triathlon. To say I’m freaking out would be an understatement. To say I enjoy swimming after all the hours I’ve spent in the pool these last few months would be a huge lie. But as much as I’m looking forward to getting this thing done and over with so I can […]

A Celebratory Tasty Treat

Two blog posts in a week and it’s only Wednesday….you must think something’s going on here… Well you’re right!! As I was working on Monday’s post I discovered I had passed my final personal training exam!! Yippeee!!! I wrote my exam on November 4 and was told it would take 3-4 weeks for my mark […]

#IIFYL – If It Fits Your Life

Hi, my name is Ariana and I’m addicted to Instagram. I wake up in the morning and while I wait for my second alarm to go off I scroll through my feed. Before I know it I’ve hit the snooze button twice and I didn’t even get any extra sleep. I often catch myself at […]