Banana and Cashew Recovery Oats

As I type this I’m eating a warm bowl of oatmeal, sipping a large cup of pumpkin chai tea from David’s Tea. and wearing sweat pants with fuzzy slippers. I have a banana-nutmeg bread candle burning, the rain is splattering against my window, and I can hear homeless people arguing on the street below. While […]

Fit Tip Friday: Eating At Night Doesn’t Make You Gain Weight

Prepare to have your minds blown, boys and girls. Eating at night doesn’t make you gain weight. Whaaaat? No way Ariana, you’re fuckin’ crazy. Your metabolism slows down at night and your body goes into “fat storage” mode.  No. Not at all. You know what makes you gain weight? Eating too much. Sitting in front […]

Fit Tip Friday, A Rant, + Cookies!

Before I get into this weeks’s Fit Tip I have a bit of a rant I need to get off my chest. I have a cookie recipe for you at the end of this post so stick with me here. On Sunday night Jordan and I went out for dinner. This wasn’t really planned as […]

Tales from the Carb Load, Pt. 1

Carb Loading: You’ve all heard of it before. The pasta party that many runners have the night before a big race in an effort to build up their glycogen stores. This process dates back to the 1960’s and was developed by a Swedish physiologist, a Mr. Gunvar Ahlborg. Ahlborg discovered that if athletes depleted their […]