Fit Tip Friday: Strong Glutes & a Perky Booty – Squatting Never Looked So Good

Hello and Happy Friday! How has everyone’s week been? Did you have snow or blistering heat? I think Mama Nature has been smoking crack, but I’m not complaining because we’re still having beautiful sun here in Vancouver. I have a 10k race tomorrow morning and am hosting a little fitness event on Sunday and it […]

Fit Tip Friday: A Lesson in Gym Etiquette

Hello and Happy Friday! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. This has been another one of those “where has the time gone?!” weeks for me, but a lot of great things have happened for me that I’m excited to share with you in the near future 😉 Since I’ve got a […]

Summer Sizzle Is Here!

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all having a fabulous week so far. It’s my Monday today and I’m working really hard to not let the “I wish I didn’t have to go to work today” mindset creep in 😉 In other exciting news, I’m thrilled to announce that my Summer Sizzle program is now available […]

Wheelchairs, Pancakes, and a New Training Program!

I need a wheelchair. Or better yet, an electric scooter so my arms don’t have to do anything either. Yup. The gym has officially kicked my ass this week. Here I was, all excited to get back into lifting and to build back some of the muscle and strength I lost while training for BMO. […]

Build and Burn – 8 Week Muscle Building & Fat Loss Program!

It’s that time again!! The first of the month means it’s time for new goals and new ways to kick ass. Let me help you get on the right track for the next 8 weeks with my new featured program, Build and Burn. February’s program focused on building some beautiful, lean muscles and I had […]

New Training Program Drops Today!

Hello everybody and happy Saturday! I’m very excited to release my next training program today! Last month focused on building muscular endurance while using minimal equipment. Keeping our muscles’ endurance levels up is important because in order to build muscle they need to be able to contract continuously, which is exactly what February’s program focuses […]

Fit Tip Friday Except it’s Saturday: Supersets, Compound Sets, Tri Sets, Drop Sets…What’s the Deal?!

Always a day late and a dollar short 😉 Just like everything in life, the fitness world can be kind of confusing and complicated at times. It’s hard enough to know where to start. We may have to muster up the courage and the money to hire a personal trainer. We may have to spend […]

Training Program Launch!

Happy New Year friends! I hope you all had a fantastic night last night and aren’t feeling the effects too much this morning 😉 I worked until 11:30 last night, so after work Jordan and I rushed up to a little diner near our place and rung in the New Year with a milkshake! A […]

Sun’s Not Out…But Can My Guns Still Be Out?

Ahhh fall is definitely upon us here in Vancouver. It’s back to bringing my umbrella everywhere I go regardless of whether it’s currently raining or not (because there’s an 80% chance it’ll start out of nowhere), tucking my Lululemons into my Uggs in the most unfashionable way to avoid the bottoms getting wet, and regularly […]

#TeamNoDaysOff ? How About #TeamOneFullRestDayAndOneActiveRestDay ?

For real though. I’m on day 7 without any exercise aside from walking. In all fairness, I ‘ve been walking a lot so I’ve still been moving. But it’s not even close to being as awesome as finishing a long run or playing with some heavy shit in the gym. Not. Even. Close. So why […]