Get Fit On The Cheap

21 Day Feel Good Diet – $5.99

Boost your energy, get rid of that bloat, and banish your cravings! Spend 21 days discovering the foods that make you feel less than awesome and learn to develop a balanced relationship with food. Your free e-guide and access to a private Facebook group with motivation, support, and simple workouts that will boost your fat-burning potential will get you guaranteed results. An option to add one hour of private nutrition & lifestyle coaching with follow-up is also available, but spaces are limited.

Registration closes October 31. 



Summer Sizzle

Summer Sizzle – $20

My latest and greatest featured program! During these 6 weeks you’ll work hard to achieve a healthy body composition, improve your energy, and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. Over the course of 33 pages you’ll get 15 workouts, cardio guidelines, tips on how to grocery shop and meal prep, survival guides for dining out with friends, and tracking sheets to record your progress along the way.

I’ve provided links to my YouTube channels where I have videos for some of the exercises posted; anything you can’t find there you will surely find on someone else’s channel! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make this your most vibrant and energetic summer yet! Click the secure PayPal link below to purchase Summer Sizzle and stay connected with others completing the program by using the hashtag #SummerSizzle




Build and Burn – $12 

An 8 week muscle-building and fat-loss program that will transform your body. You’ll spend Phase 1 building beautiful, lean muscles; don’t worry ladies, this won’t get you “bulky”. What it will do is build curves in all the right places. You can shape your shoulders, get rid of that pancake butt, and build a back that will make your waist appear smaller. Cardio is not mandatory for Phase 1 but I’ve included a guide for you endorphin junkies. Phase two goes into “shred-mode” where you’ll melt away fat to show off all your hard work from Phase 1. High reps, high intensity interval sessions, and a longer-duration cardio session will leave you feeling energized and confident. Over 15 pages you’ll get 8 weight training workouts, 6 metabolic conditioning sessions, 2 high intensity interval sessions, calendars for both phases, and tracking sheets to record the stats of each workout. You’ll also receive 2 recipes, a Frequently Asked Questions guide, and a sheet to record your measurements over the course of the 8 weeks. Click the secure PayPal link below to get in on Build and Burn


Beginner’s Resistance Training Program – $7

Four weeks of workouts designed to help beginners get comfortable with resistance training and using the strength that lies within! It consists of a four-day upper and lower body split focusing on developing muscular endurance. Weekly progressions will keep you feeling challenged during each session. All that is required is some dumbbells, a medicine ball, a bench or step, and a skipping rope so these workouts can be done at home or at the gym.

You’ll get 4 different workouts and tracking sheets to record the stats of each, a Frequently Asked Questions guide, and a sheet to record your measurements over the course of the 4 weeks.

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