How to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions….Or Not?

Hola Amigos! And amigas? I don’t know. Clearly I didn’t learn much in the way of Spanish during my week in Mexico. I’m sitting in the Acapulco airport as I type this, far too early for my flight, and really not ready to come home yet. I had most of my posts for December written […]

Inspiring Humans: Portia Harrison

Feeling a little down in the dumps today? Lacking motivation to go out and chase your dreams? Not to worry, friends! I’ve got a hit of mid-week motivation for ya here with another installment of Inspiring Humans! Today I’m interviewing Portia. Portia and I worked together in Manning Park a few years ago, and both […]

Guest Post – Making a Commitment

I’ve got a special post for you today! A little while ago one of my friends and clients approached me about writing a post for my blog. She had been documenting her journey of training with me – making note of things she was eating, how she was feeling, what extra activities she was doing, […]

Inspiring Humans: Joel Hugh

Happy Hump Day! If you’re feeling a little bogged down by the recent time change, I’ve got a little dose of inspiration for you today! We’re back with another installment of Inspiring Humans. Today I’m shining the light on an old friend, Joel Hugh. I met Joel when I was around 18 or 19. He […]

How the Power of Positive Thought Changed My Life

Hello everybody! We’re back to our regular-scheduled programming here. Did you enjoy the guest bloggers I featured last week? I had a really productive yet relaxing week. My boyfriend was out of town so I took it as an opportunity to work a little later than usual, and I had access to a car which […]

Inspiring Humans: Richard Maya

Hello everyone and welcome to the first of a monthly series I will be posting, Inspiring Humans. We find inspiration on a daily basis in many forms. For some of us it’s motivational quotes we see on social media. For others it’s touching stories we see on the news or read in the paper. And […]