How Much Protein Do You Really Need, Bro?

9 days until my triathlon. To say I’m freaking out would be an understatement. To say I enjoy swimming after all the hours I’ve spent in the pool these last few months would be a huge lie. But as much as I’m looking forward to getting this thing done and over with so I can […]

To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse?

Happy Humpday! I hope you all had a good long weekend filled with family, friends, and delicious food! This is my second day back at work after a much-needed 10 day vacation. Between working my full-time job, training clients, training myself, and working on getting my business started I was getting EXHAUSTED, so I figured I […]

Fit Tip Friday: “When Do I Need Supplements?”

Drum roll please……… Never. Joking. Kind of. Supplements (or “supps”, as the cool kids call them) are a hot topic these days. Everybody and their mother’s got a favourite brand of protein powder, a greens blend, a pre-workout supplement, intra-workout supplement, post-workout supplement, and probably a cleaning supplement too (totally guilty of taking pre-workout before […]

Alkalinity and My Disdain for Technology

I had a great post written yesterday morning. It was a beautiful sunny day, I had just gone for an intense yet relaxing 20km bike ride around the Seawall, and I had a perfectly crafted cup of vanilla coconut oil coffee in my hand. My posts are always set to auto-save. Rarely do I ever […]

Fit Tip Friday: Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

Sounds like crazy talk, right? It’s a fairly widely held belief that eating fat makes us fat. Fat clogs our arteries, gives us cardiovascular disease, and makes us pack on the pounds. People dramatically cut fat from their diet and start to see some extra pounds come off, so a low-fat diet must be the […]

Fat Blasting HIIT Circuit + My Current Training & Nutrition

Hello all! It’s a surprisingly sunny and lovely day here in Vancouver, which somehow makes the fact that I am currently not eating bananas not seem quite so bad. Why am I not eating bananas, you ask? Well, a little while ago I came across the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox, a natural cleansing and supplement […]

Fit Tip Friday: Eating At Night Doesn’t Make You Gain Weight

Prepare to have your minds blown, boys and girls. Eating at night doesn’t make you gain weight. Whaaaat? No way Ariana, you’re fuckin’ crazy. Your metabolism slows down at night and your body goes into “fat storage” mode.  No. Not at all. You know what makes you gain weight? Eating too much. Sitting in front […]

End the Fat Talk

Are you aware that last week was Eating Disorder Awareness Week across Canada? Here in Vancouver BC Place was lit up light purple to bring awareness to eating disorders (which I was totally unaware of!) and there were multiple ways to spread the message across social media. Even still though, it’s not something I heard […]

Why I Decided to Stop Tracking My Food Intake

Hello Lovely Readers! How are you all doing now that we’re a couple of days post-Christmas? I hope you all had a fantastic week regardless of whether you celebrated or not. If your goal was to not go overboard with the food and just focus on cherishing your time with family and friends, I hope […]

Fit Tip Friday: Surviving the Holiday Parties

The Holidays are upon us! As our friends down south finish scarfing down turkey while stampeding through Wal-Marts, Macy’s, and Targets across the nation, many of us are already half-way through our Holiday Binge #2 planning. Baked goods for friends, baked goods for family, baked goods for co-workers, numerous holiday parties, and the actual Christmas […]