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Hey everyone!

Happy Hump Day!

I’ve got something a little different for y’all today. To begin with, I’ve always wanted to call you all “y’all”, so thanks for letting me get that out. It won’t happen again 😉

But today I’m going to share some great links I’ve found from around the web this past week. I can only share so much on Facebook before people start blocking me from their Newsfeeds, so this is my secret way of infiltrating your lives even more with information I think you’ll find useful.

Think of it as a really short newspaper written by a ton of different people & its sole purpose is to make your lives just a tiny bit better.

Happy Life Healthy Life

15 Tips to Improve Your Chinning Progress Some tips for finally getting your chin over the bar!

Hot men doing yoga. I admit, I went to Cosmo’s website looking for something to mock and pick apart. And I walked away with this, with my head bowing in shame of course. But I couldn’t help but share it 😉

Spicy Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese by my fellow Sweat Pink sister over at The Fit Foodie Mama. This girl comes up with some GREAT recipes, & this is FODMAP-approved for those of you following the diet.

15 Things You Don’t Need to Apologize For Though Think You Should I am so guilty of like all of these. I even find myself apologizing for the rain at work!

Health for the Holidays? Have Fun! Great article that shows how year-round consistency (notice how I said consistency and NOT perfection??) can help reduce the “damage” that occurs during the holidays.

Runner Spotlights – Me! Earlier this week I was featured on Road Runner Girl Mindy’s blog, so I can’t not share that 😉

How Yoga Can Compliment Weight Training Another goodie by Bret Contreras. Seems fitting since I’ve been trying to incorporate more yoga into my life and have been training a few more yogis myself!

Crazy cool video of the human skeleton performing yoga.

And finally, this. It has nothing to do with health, with fitness, with productivity, or with anything else this blog ever mentions. In Canada we are not celebrating Thanksgiving, which makes this even more pointless.

But it’s tiny hamsters. Eating a tiny turkey dinner! I couldn’t not share it.

I hope you found at least a couple of interesting things from these links! Let me know if this is something you would like me to continue and I’d be more than happy to! If you think it sucked and never want me to do this again, please tell me nicely 😉

Have you found anything interesting on the web this week? Care to share below??


4 thoughts on “Hot Links on the Web

  1. Thanks so much for including me in your link up!!! Love all the other links you shared too, I’ll have to bookmark this post so I can come back and read them all when I’m digesting my turkey tomorrow 🙂

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