Fall Fitness Fridays Week 3

Happy Halloween!!

It’s a typical wet and rainy day here in Vancouver, so I have to admit I’m a little happy I’m not a child who’s planning to go trick-or-treating tonight. I AM however planning on buying some cheap Halloween chocolate this afternoon šŸ˜‰

Fall Fitness Friday

So my predication last week about the challenges I would face in getting 10 minutes of activity each day this week rang true. Since I’m taking a rest week after my half marathon on Sunday, I just really want to be lazy! šŸ˜› Buuuut I still scraped by with the bare minimum!

Sunday: Ran a half marathon. You can read allll about it here

Monday: Walked to my orthodontist appointment, which takes about an hour. I’m not counting my regular walking as activity since I walk so much, but I had the option of driving or taking transit so I think this counts šŸ™‚

Cambie Street Bridge

It’s a beautiful walk that I always enjoy, and it gives me a chance to listen to a podcast episode or two! After grabbing my post-ortho froyo (a must-have) I took transit home. These legs did not want to walk anymore!

Entrepreneurial secrets...Menchies boosts your creativity.

Entrepreneurial secrets…Menchies boosts your creativity.

Tuesday: I had plans to go to hot yoga…and then I slept. for 11 hours! I guess my body needed the rest. During my break at work I did some dynamic stretches and walked around the stairwells for 10 minutes.

Wednesday: 10 minutes of yoga.

Thursday: 15 minutes of some easy yoga flows and stretching.

Today: So far I’ve been parked on my butt most of the morning (with the exception of standing breaks every 20 minutes!), but I plan to do some rolling and stretching as soon as I’m finished writing, and then I’ll go for a walk around the block once I’ve finished a few more tasks.

Tomorrow: I’ll be teaching my Cross-Training for Runners class in the morning and I’ll probably stick around at the gym and do some easy cardio on a bike. I’ve been enjoying my rest week, but I’m getting ready to get sweaty again!

How about you? What did you do to get active for 10 minutes each day this week? Did you find yourself struggling at all? Doing anything fun for Halloween tonight?Ā 

Check out what my Sweat Pink Sisters got up to with their activity this week!

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ALSO! I totally meant to mention this in an earlier post this week, but beginning this Sunday I will be starting a program called the 21 Day Feel Good Diet! It’s all about discovering YOUR optimal diet and learning how to create a healthy relationship with food.

Included is a 22-page e-guide, a private Facebook group with motivation and support, health & fitness tips, exercise ideas, and more. If you’re interested, you can check out the original post here. Registration closes tonight, so if you’re interested you better jump on that train!

21 Day Feel Good Diet


4 thoughts on “Fall Fitness Fridays Week 3

  1. That’s awesome that you still squeezed in activities even on your rest week. We all need breaks! I’m taking one today for sure! Have a great weekend. Your pics are beautiful. Looks like a great place to walk!

  2. I was pretty active this week. My silly leg is still bothering me and my run yesterday wasn’t too much of a success. Thinking of just taking an entire two weeks off of running before my half so that I can give it the rest it deserves. In the meantime I’ll still be kicking butt in my regular workouts šŸ˜‰ Great job walking an hour to your ortho- phew! Where I live you pretty much have to drive everywhere unfortunately, I would love to walk if I could!

  3. I think transition periods are hardest. You can feel the change from fall to winter. It’s cold and just seeps into your bones. I know it’s not technically winter yet but the deep cold is here. I hope this week goes better for you. #bloglovetribe

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