Fall Fitness Fridays Week 2 + Rock ‘n Roll Race Weekend is Here!!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

And a happy Friday it is. It’s another one of those rare occasions where I share a Friday with the rest of the regular working world. I’m working an early shift until 3pm today and then am off work until Tuesday at 3pm! Which basically makes it a 4 day weekend so I’m pretty stoked as you can imagine.

The Rock ‘n Roll Vancouver Half Marathon is coming up on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it, despite the torrential downpour we’re expecting. It wouldn’t be a Vancouver run without some rain, I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m looking forward to a busy weekend filled with teaching, training, race expo-ing, yoga-ing, eating, and running. I can’t decide what I’m most excited for…the race expo tomorrow morning, my steak dinner tomorrow night, or the run itself. I think the expo is taking the lead right now…this is Rock ‘n Roll’s first time to Vancouver so I’m really looking forward to seeing what vendors they have and to break the bank account a bit. I’ll have a full re-cap of everything early next week, so stay tuned!

Fall Fitness Friday

Onto today’s topic, it’s Fall Fitness Friday again! I’m sticking to the commitment I made with my Sweat Pink Sisters to fit in at least 10 minutes of physical activity every day. If you’re currently not engaging in any activities, it can be pretty intimidating to think about incorporating the recommended 30 minutes per day of exercise into your life. At this point a lot of people get the all-or-nothing mentality.

Well, 30 minutes seems way too hard, so I might as well just not do anything.

10 minutes per day of exercise may not help you lose hundreds of pounds, and it may not help you pack on a ton of muscle or run a marathon. But it WILL provide cardiovascular benefits. It WILL boost your endorphins, making you feel good. And it WILL become to stepping stone to incorporate a few longer sessions later down the road.

So if you haven’t already, I invite you to join me in partaking in at least 10 minutes of activity every day. It can be walking, some dynamic stretches like arm circles or leg swings, or some light yoga…whatever you want!

Here’s what my week looked like:

Sunday: Fit Chick Frolic! Myself and four other women got an outdoor workout in, with squats, lunges, step-ups, push-ups, sprints, stair work and more. I’ll admit they got a better workout than I did because I was busy kicking their butts ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I still got sweaty!

Monday: 10km treadmill run. Normally 10km on a treadmill would KILL me – I can’t stand the thing for anything longer than 20, MAYBE 30 minutes tops. But I was up early enough to keep myself occupied by catching up on the Blog Well Summit sessions. A very productive run I must say!

Tuesday: 1 hour of hot yoga. Felt soooo good.

Wednesday: 10 minutes of yoga with 40 minutes of some light-ish strength training. I hit the whole body with renegade row push-ups, turkish get-ups, unilateral work, and some core exercises.

Thursday: 30 minute treadmill run. Thank goodness my running “season” ends this weekend – the rain is getting pretty intense and I’m feeling like a total wimp right now. Oh, and I carried this guy home. Does that count?


Today: Today’s a bit of a long day, but I plan on fitting my 10 minutes in after dinner tonight, either with a bit of yoga or a walk. Hopefully it’s not too rainy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saturday: Teaching my Cross-Training for Runners class and then hot yoga!

This week was ย a good week – I had a little more free time than I usually do so it was easy to get the mid-week activity in. I think my challenge is going to be next week. I had planned on aย recovery week, and while I can still fill those 10 minutes with yoga, walking, or something else that’s light, I tend to enjoy spending the time I would have spent exercising doing other things like reading. BUT I made a commitment to myself, and to you, so I’ll get it done!

How about you guys? What awesome ways did you get active this week? Anyone racing this weekend? Tell me all about it!

Check outย how my Sweat Pink sisters got active this week!

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And if this post just wasn’t enough for you and you want to read MORE about what I’ve been up to, head over to Lora Hogan’s blog for my guest post about committing to a weekly yoga practice.


12 thoughts on “Fall Fitness Fridays Week 2 + Rock ‘n Roll Race Weekend is Here!!

  1. I had to take the week off from running due to an injury but did 5 days of bodyweight & weighted workouts in place of it. I am hoping to run tomorrow and fingers crossed it goes well bc I am registered to run my RnR half in like 3 weeks…aaah! Good luck on yours, can’t wait to hear all about it ๐Ÿ™‚

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