Guest Post – Strength In Numbers: why a workout partner can be your saving grace!

Hey everyone!

Today I have a super-fit duo writing writing for you! Which I think is awesome because I’m way too much of a control freak to write a blog post with someone. Kidding. Kind of 😉

So let me pass the talking stick over to Casey and Amira!


Hi Friends!

Casey and Amira here from The Fit Souls and we are so excited to be guest posting for Ariana! Today were here to chat about something very important to us, finding a workout buddy! We are fortunate enough to have each other to not only motivate each other but to keep one another accountable.

Setting new goals can be both exciting and challenging: we strongly desire to better ourselves in one way or another, yet we know the hard work, dedication and sacrifice it will take to meet those goals. When it comes to starting a workout regimen or routine, often times it isn’t the actual workout that is the most challenging part. It’s staying dedicated to our plan, and keeping ourselves accountable for completing that workout on those days we just simply. don’t. want. to…


Not all of us are the same, and we all have different strengths and weakness. If you are someone who struggles with staying accountable and dedicated to a fitness regimen, we have an answer for you… buddy up!

Studies have shown that working out with a partner or fitness buddy can double your chance of weight loss success! Why? Because an exercise partner is a huge source of support and encouragement, and when you have made a commitment to another person you are much more likely to follow through with those plans; not showing up would not only be a letdown to yourself but to them as well!

So if you are just starting out, trying to get through a slump, or push through a plateau we suggest finding a workout partner. Not only will your friend help get you to the gym and hold you accountable, but also having a partner in crime will make working out a fun and enjoyable experience, because it definitely should be!


Do you ever workout with a friend? What’s your favorite buddy workout?

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post – Strength In Numbers: why a workout partner can be your saving grace!

  1. I just got a workout buddy and it has made a difference. We sign up to the same classes, so I can never back out and let her down. In addition, she’s stronger and fitter than me, so it’s a bit of competition for me. My aim is to get to her level!

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