Fit Tip Friday: Tap Into Your Competitive Nature with The Fitness Games App!

Hello and Happy Friday Blog World!

It’s a rare occasion when I get to share a Friday with normal people. Having Sundays and Mondays as my days off I’m usually all “ONE. MORE. DAY” while the rest of the city is all “YAY FRIDAY!”

But not this week! I’m fortunate enough to have a Saturday off in addition to my regular Sunday and Monday, because this girl is getting her indoor cycling certification! It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but I’m super excited to take this workshop.

I’ve always had a weird love-hate relationship with spin classes. Usually about three minutes into a class I think “right, I forgot how much I hate this” and then as soon as it’s over I’m thinking “that was AWESOME. I can’t wait to do it again!!” I love how energized and invigorated I feel after a class.

When I used to live in White Rock there was an instructor at the Steve Nash Sports Club who taught an endurance class and I absolutely loved her. She had a few Ironmans under her belt and for her 50th birthday she did the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. She was one of the first people who inspired me to take on fitness goals that scare me, and her classes were set to repetitive electronic music in a dark room. She really worked at helping us “get into our zones”.

Jackie, if you’re reading this, I think it’s time you come out to Vancouver to start teaching classes 😉

Since moving downtown I’ve taken a few random classes here and there but I haven’t stuck with any. The classes were either A) too expensive, or B) didn’t have an engaging enough instructor. I’m going to start seeking out some new classes to try so I can find the best instructors and learn from them!

Exercising and learning at the same time? Win!

In addition to taking some more spin classes, I’m looking for something else to try through the winter. After the Rock ‘n Roll Half at the end of October, I have to admit I’m looking forward to my “training season” as I like to call it ending. Don’t get me wrong; I love running and I’m going to keep it up through the winter! I have an Olympic tri I need to train for next year after all 😉

But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for a little more variety in my routine. So when the opportunity to test out The Fitness Games app arose I was all for it!

The Fitness Games Logo

This app allows you to challenge others or yourself in a variety of ready-made workouts, or you can create your own. You can get your friends to download the app and compete against one another, or you can go my favourite route and challenge a complete stranger. When you challenge the “world” these little circles spin around like those contest wheels you spin until it lands on your opponent…it’s intense!

Knowing that someone would be competing against me for a better time made me push myself harder. I’m a very competitive person by nature, so as I was plowing through plank walkouts and burpees and high knee jogs during cross-training workouts I kept thinking “Coooome and get me John!!!” In my mind he didn’t know what hit him 😉

Damn rights I'm gonna make that public!

Damn rights I’m gonna make that public!

A cool feature I haven’t had the opportunity to try out yet is to create a workout and challenge one of my clients to it, which allows me to track their progress. Look out ladies, you might get an invite for an app download and a tough workout in your mailbox soon!

The other feature which I (shockingly) haven’t tested is the Gym Selfie. There’s a portion of the app that actually ENCOURAGES you to flex your shit in front of the mirror and snap a pic! I continue to forget about this and just use the iPhone camera when snappin’ my flexy-shots.

I’ve mainly tried exercises from the Cross-Training category, which kind of feel like CrossFit inspired workouts. Which I like 🙂 Most are three rounds of X exercises for time, which keeps things fast-paced and intense.

I’ve tried to track a few of my runs, but currently you can’t keep the app running in the background so it got a little frustrating trying to keep the screen open as I stuffed my phone in my fuel belt.

Fortunately they have an update pending approval which will allow you to close your phone with the app still running. (Is that what you call it? Closing your phone? I don’t really’s whatever happens when you push the button on the top right of the phone).

Once I have a little more leeway in the types of workouts I can do I’m looking forward to giving some of their weight training workouts a shot. The beginner ones that are already unlocked (the more workouts you complete the more options you have to choose from) look a little easy, but hey, if I have the chance to compete with someone else while doing it that makes it all the more exciting 😉

So, if you’re feeling dangerous, download the app here (the free version has access to everything except the cardio tracker to my knowledge) and add me at ariianaf 😉 Let the games begin!

Tweet: Challenge your fitness with #TheFitnessGames! Check out @TFGapp and let the games begin! @fitapproach #sweatpink

Have any of you ever tried The Fitness Games? Any other fitness apps you think I need to know about right now?

Disclaimer: While the basic version of The Fitness Games app is free, I received the upgraded version complimentary. All views and opinions expressed here are my own though. You guys know I would never lie to you 😉 


2 thoughts on “Fit Tip Friday: Tap Into Your Competitive Nature with The Fitness Games App!

    • Thank you! And yeah it’s a lot of fun, I hadn’t heard of it until recently. However I realize I should be a bit more careful about who I challenge…I have a feeling if I challenged you to a run I’d get my butt kicked!!

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