Go-Getter, Goal-Setter: Time to Totally Own September

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all feeling rested and energized after the long weekend. No extra time off for me, but I’m not complaining after my awesome five day weekend last weekend.

Jordan and I kept it pretty low key this weekend. We started our Sunday off with a good workout before taking a drive down to the states. I was running low on grass-fed butter and a hair product I use that is MUCH cheaper south of the border, so I vowed to stay out of the mall and only stick to Target and Trader Joe’s as planned.

This was a success, however I still managed to do some damage…

Isis did not approve of my purchases

Isis did not approve of my purchases

After buying enough sugar to put us into a coma and eating a big pile of Mexican food from our favourite restaurant in Bellingham we headed back to the border. We sat in line for an hour and watched as people drove along the Nexus lane then shoved their way into the regular lane once they got closer. My annoyance with this was overshadowed by my amusement at the angry lady in the car behind us.

She clearly had a real problem with this and was shouting out her passenger window at other cars with her face was all twisted and livid. It was fun to watch.

As hopeful as I was for eating chocolate chip cookies as cereal, chowing down on cookie dough Poptarts after a workout, and eating maple & brown sugar whipped peanut butter by the spoonful, I was pretty disappointed once I had a taste of it all. It’s not that it was too sugary or anything; it just didn’t really taste like anything. Except the cookie butter. Cookie butter never disappoints.

Yesterday was spent training clients, gettin’ my own sweat on, and doing lots and lots of blogging, planning, program-writing, and coffee drinking.

I love the start of each month because it’s like a fresh slate to fill with new goals, new challenges, and new opportunities. But September is always especially exciting for a few reasons. As Summer comes to an end it’s time to get back to the grind of chasing dreams and getting focused. For many people, September is like the pre-New Years’ resolution time: they realize their eating (and drinking) habits the past few months have caught up with them and it’s time to get back on track.

Fall is also my favourite time of year. Call me crazy, but unless I’m able to lay on the couch with the fan blowing on me or on the beach in a bathing suit, I can’t stand the heat. Chilly yet sunny days, sweaters, boots, and scarves are some of my favourite things. This is the time of year I can be caught in things other than Lululemons and Nikes 😉

I definitely gave myself a bit of a break from the hustle over the summer. My goal was to maintain my current clients as opposed to get out there and find new ones (which I was successful with!) and I wasn’t as “GO! GO! GO!” with business-planning and idea-generating as I had been in the months prior to summer. I wanted to find a balance between chasing my dreams and enjoying my summer, which I think I did just fine 🙂

And if you recall from my previous posts, I was far from “letting myself go” when it came to my eating habits. Between all the food-combining, meat-for-breakfast-eating, and avoiding things that made my digestive system feel not so awesome, this was probably the most sensible summer I’ve ever had food-wise.

So now it’s time to tighten the reigns with my workload and loosen the leash a little with my eating habits. Last week I had the opportunity to write a guest post about the difference between process goals and outcome goals. I’ve got a few process goals for the month I’m pretty pumped about, so I thought I’d share them with you!

1. Stick to my macronutrient plan. 

I’ve learned A LOT about my body and how it reacts to certain foods this past summer. I’ve learned I can survive without a massive bowl of Greek yogurt and fruit every night, and that I can still build muscle without eating a cereal bowl worth 700 calories after a workout. And probably my biggest take-home lesson was how much better my body responds to a high-fat high-protein breakfast as opposed to a breakfast full of complex carbohydrates.

Now that I’ve succeeded in increasing my energy levels and improving my digestion, I’m going to begin working some of the foods I’ve been avoiding back into my diet in small quantities. It’s been almost a year since I decided to stop tracking my food intake religiously, but with this new and (hopefully) sustainable way of eating, I’m putting myself back on a plan so I can pinpoint what allows my body to perform optimally and feel the best.

And plus, I’ve got a trip to Mexico coming up in December. No winter bulk for this chick 😉

2. Up the ante with my marketing efforts. 

This is a tough one for me. Getting out there and talking to people scares me. But I know if I want to be successful I eventually have to get over it. Or at least just get better at pretending I’m not so nervous I could puke 😉 I’m a pretty impatient person so I find it difficult sticking to one or two marketing tactics if I don’t see results happen overnight. But I know results DON’T happen overnight and it’s important to stay consistent – I’m pretty sure I’ve said this exact thing to my clients regardless weight loss goals. Guess it’s time to take my own advice!

I’ve got a pow wow with my friend and business adviser planned for tomorrow so I’m looking forward to deciding on a couple of tactics, setting a marketing schedule, and tracking the results of their effectiveness (or ineffectiveness).

3. Write more.

A dream of young Ariana’s for a really long time was to become a journalist. I absolutely LOVED writing; I had shelves full of journals I’d filled from cover to cover and always looked forward to my creative writing and English classes. This blog has been a great outlet for all the thoughts that roam through my head, but I’d like to increase my posts to three per week and to continue guest-posting on other blogs and websites.

I spent a lot of time Sunday evening on Pinterest, looking for anything and everything that will help me increase my writing organization and productivity. I bought a new binder to keep everything in and have begun planning my editorial calendar. Time to let my inner journalist shine!

Writing Productivity

4. Read more. 

Between eating more, entreprenuer-ing more, writing more, plus keeping up with my regular jobs and of course my own fitness game it’ll be tough to find time to read, but I’ve got two books on the go and am determined to have at least one of them finished by the end of the month. I’m gong to set aside 20 minutes three times each week to get my knowledge on, and will work this time into my calendar along with all of my other commitments.

After all, leaders are readers 😉

So how about you, friends? What do you want to tackle this month? How are you planning on making September awesome? Anything fun and exciting on your horizon? 

I also have a favour I’d like to shamelessly ask you all as well 😉 I’ve recently started a Facebook page for my budding Personal Training business, Evolution by Ariana. I’ll be sharing interesting articles, fitness tidbits, plus client success stories and fun pictures from our training sessions on there.

If you’d like to begin getting the most awesome updates on your Newsfeed, head over to my page and click “Like”. Once I reach 150 likes I will be randomly selecting a lucky individual who will receive four free weeks of One-On-One Personal Training or Online Fitness Coaching for those who don’t live in the area. Thanks in advance and good luck!



10 thoughts on “Go-Getter, Goal-Setter: Time to Totally Own September

  1. I love the binder! I need some organization like that in my life! I try and put stuff on a calendar, but it doesn’t really work that well.

    I have a race coming up in a few weeks – other than that, not much going on in September. My birthday is in October – woo hoo!

  2. Yay for the Mexico trip! I remember you mentioned not going out of town during the summer was disappointing. I am feeling recharged from my summer vacation, completely away from work and town!

    I too now eat less carbs and more protein for breakfast. I used to indulge on a big bowl of cereal, so big that I didn’t want to add up the calorie at the end but yeah 700 calories sounds right. And those peanut butter sandwiches with banana or jelly (or both!). Surprisingly I don’t miss them as much.

    Public speaking is not an easy skill. It took me a long time before I can speak at ease in front of a crowd. I found out later that is not speaking to the crowd that scared me, it was doubting myself on how much I knew about the topic. I’ve been reading you…You are a good writer, know your stuff and I imagine English is your mother tongue. So what’s keeping you from putting yourself out there girl? I hope your friend and business advisor will be great help with your marketing plan.

    I’ve been working out hard in the spring and most of the summer. Now that I got the result I want, my focus is on my teenager son who’s finally showing interest in building some muscles. I’m slowing down a bit but soon I’m hoping he’ll catch up with me. He doesn’t know yet I’m looking for a running partner to run 1/2 marathon race again 😉


    • Sounds like you’ve got some great goals! I love that you’re getting your son to join in with you. Family fitness for the win! If I lived out that way I would totally run a 1/2 marathon with you.

      I think you hit the nail on the head with public speaking…I think my problem is that I’m not so much afraid of the crowd as I am of doubting myself. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I’ll remember your encouraging words the next time I get nervous. Thank you so much!

  3. Love your goals and you definitely are a writer! I always enjoy reading your posts. I find them very engaging and entertaining all while I learn something. I would love to read more too- I was in a book club that disbanded this past summer so I have nothing pushing me to read, though it really is my first love!!!

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