A FREE Gift for My Lovely Readers

Happy Friday Friends!

It may not be my Friday yet but I’m still in a fantastic mood today. Things are finally coming together for my Personal Training business…like REALLY coming together. I’m getting all the little details fine-tuned, systems are almost in place, and I’m finding new inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. I had nooo idea there was such a crazy world of internet marketing out there and there is SO much to learn.

But somehow I’ve been able get all these little business details in order, watch marketing webinars and listen to podcasts, train my clients, work my full-time hotel job, and KILL all my workouts this week. Not only that, things are going great for those near and dear to my heart as well. One of my good friends got an awesome new job, another got engaged (Hawaii, here we come!!!), and work is looking bright for both of my parents and my boyfriend. Basically, life is just AWESOME right now. #PumpedMuch?

I have something else I’m really excited about as well. A little project of mine has been in the works for some time now; it started back when I was building the model for my Online Fitness Coaching (OFC) business. I truly believe that OFC is a great way get a Personal Trainer’s help with reaching your health and fitness goals. It’s substantially less expensive than one-one-one training sessions and my clients have the opportunity to train on their terms. With the exception of your general workout schedule you’re not stuck to a specific time frame, and if you’re having one of those days where you don’t want to get out of your pajamas then you don’t have to! Just workout in them at home πŸ™‚

With that being said, there are a couple of things that OFC clients don’t receive that my Personal Training clients receive, and that includes the mental PUSH from me. I regularly follow up with my OFC clients to see how they’re making out and we do bi-weekly check-ins via Skype, but I’m not there with them at each workout to push them through that last rep or to make them bring the intensity up during their cardio. And doing so can be tough at times, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned gym rat or a fitness newbie.

I wanted to help my OFC clients find their intrinsic motivation to push themselves just as I would, and to keep themselves going when things get a little bit tough. I wanted them to be armed with the tools and the knowledge needed to succeed! So I decided to put together an E-Book outlining my favourite fit tips for getting started, keeping motivation levels high, and ensuring progress continues. I also de-bunked a few of the fitness myths that tick me off the most.

After a lot of late nights and wanting to throw my laptop out the window I have finally finished it, and I’m so happy with the final product. I made everything as clear and concise as I could without using a lot of crazy technical jargon; the terms I did use I explained what they are! Now those who read this book can bring them up at the dinner table and sound like a fitness genius πŸ˜‰

Fit Tips E-Book

I did some research online about what little books like this typically cost, and I could sell it for $7-$10 and remain competitive while making a little profit for the time and work that I put into it. Buuuut I feel like this information is so critical for not only my OFC clients, but also my Personal Training clients and just the general public! Which is why, my faithful readers, I have decided to thank you for being so awesome!

If you subscribe to my blog via e-mail so that new posts are sent directly to your inbox I’ll send you my Fit Tips E-Book! Don’t worry; I would never share your e-mail address with other companies because I HATE SPAM TOO! And lucky for you my posts are limited to 1 or 2 per week so you won’t constantly be harassed by me πŸ˜‰

If you opt in for this sweet deal I’d love to hear your feedback on the book, as well as any other information you might find useful! I figure the more knowledge I can share, the happier, healthier, and more fit of a community we can build πŸ™‚

To subscribe to my blog click that fancy little “Follow” button on the right hand sidebar; you’ll then be sent an e-mail to confirm your subscription, and then I’ll send you the E-Book!


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