Build and Burn – 8 Week Muscle Building & Fat Loss Program!

It’s that time again!!

The first of the month means it’s time for new goals and new ways to kick ass. Let me help you get on the right track for the next 8 weeks with my new featured program, Build and Burn.

February’s program focused on building some beautiful, lean muscles and I had planned on creating a complementary 4 week program for March to help you shed fat to show off your hard work. I’ve decided to sell both programs as one cohesive, badass unit for $15 as opposed to the usual $10 each!

For $15 you get 2 Phases spread over 15 pages, with 8 different weight training workouts, 4 optional metabolic conditioning workouts for Phase 1 and a non-optional cardio guide for Phase 2. You’ll get tracking sheets to track the stats of each workout so you can revel in your badassery as you watch yourself progress, and there’s a write-up explaining how to get the most out of your program.

This program does require access to gym equipment and is more suitable for those who know their way around the weight room a little bit, but nothing is overly technical so if you’re just starting out and you’re feeling ballsy give it a shot! If you don’t quite feel ready for this program yet I still have my program from January available, which requires minimal equipment and is appropriate for both the beginner and intermediate, for only $7.

Don’t let the low cost put you off; I put a lot of effort into creating these programs and take pride in the work that I do. The reason I’m selling these at such a low price is because I want to make fitness affordable for everybody. My one-on-one and online coaching clients receive programs that are tailored specifically to them and receive more of my time and continued attention, but I want to help as many people as possible. I believe that even if you can’t afford a personal trainer you still deserve some guidance in your quest for fitness.

So friends, because of this I’ve got some exciting offers. Leave a comment below and tell me how you would benefit most from receiving some help on your fitness journey and I’ll pick one lucky person who will receive my Build and Burn program for free! Not only that, those who purchase my Build and Burn program within the first week will also receive my January program for free! You can prepare yourself with January’s program before taking things up a notch with Build and Burn. 12 weeks of workouts for $15? Pretty sweet if you ask me.

So tell me: how will this program help you? Are you totally lost in a gym? Know what you’re doing but don’t have the motivation to do it? Or maybe you’re just looking for some variety. Whatever it is, let me know and I’ll choose a winner Monday March 3 at 12pm pacific time.

I look forward to reading your answers!! 🙂


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