New Training Program Drops Today!

Hello everybody and happy Saturday!

I’m very excited to release my next training program today! Last month focused on building muscular endurance while using minimal equipment. Keeping our muscles’ endurance levels up is important because in order to build muscle they need to be able to contract continuously, which is exactly what February’s program focuses on.

This month we’re going to start to really change our body composition by increasing our lean muscle mass and in turn reducing our body fat. Ladies, don’t let the thought of building muscle turn you off. I get girls telling me allll the time that they want to “tighten” and “tone up”. That tight and toned look is only achieved by….you guessed it! Building muscle! I’ve dispelled myths about women and weights in previous posts, but let’s go through a quick recap here.

Ladies, I have a feeling that many of you barely eat enough to support your regular workouts and daily activities, let alone enough to put on serious muscle. Building muscle is HARD and you have to eat A LOT to get big. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get big for awhile now and I eat like a horse. It’s tough! Not only that, we don’t produce enough testosterone to get big like this:
While admirable, that is a whoooole lotta not-natural stuff goin’ on there. By lifting weights in the muscle-growth rep range for 4 weeks you aren’t going to look like you’re prepping for the Olympia. Your voice isn’t going to start getting deep and your friends aren’t going to wonder what’s going on with you.

What WILL happen is that you’ll start to notice some definition in your arms and legs. Your butt will get a bit tighter and more perky, and you’ll probably catch yourself admiring your toned arms in the mirror now and then. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, so you may find yourself a bit more hungry than usual because your metabolism is higher! If you keep at it for awhile you might even find yourself pushing heavier weight than the guy next to you in the gym. Which is legit the most badass feeling ever.

Cardio is optional for these 4 weeks. During a traditional muscle-building program you want to minimize your caloric deficit which means you minimize or completely remove cardiovascular training. If you do the program as prescribed your heart rate will stay elevated enough to provide the cardiovascular benefits that traditional aerobic exercise provides. But I know there are cardio junkies out there who can’t fathom giving it up for 4 weeks, so I’ve included some guidelines for interval training and metabolic conditioning (which is explained in more detail in the program) to give you that endorphin boost you so crave.

Men, I don’t think I need to tell you the benefits of packin’ on the muscle. You know what’s up! This program is suitable for you too. Train like a man, eat like a man, and skip the cardio segments and you’ll definitely notice growth over the 4 weeks.

After completing 4 weeks of muscle-building we will work to strip away body fat in March so we can show off our sexy new muscles even more, so stay tuned! If you’re interested in getting in on all the fun for only TEN DOLLARS (madness, right? I’m practically giving this shit away) click the “Training Programs for Purchase” tab on the right hand side and you can make a secure Paypal payment. This program does require access to exercise equipment, however if you’re looking for something you can do at home with minimal equipment I am now selling January’s program for $7.

And remember….

Very true



4 thoughts on “New Training Program Drops Today!

  1. this sounds good! ima start working on it!
    i do have a question though, with your work out plans do you work out every day of the week? or just every other day

    • Awesome! My January program is a 4-day per week program; I recommend workout out for 2 days, then taking a day off, then working out for 2 days, then taking 2 days off. On these days off you could include some extra cardio if you like!

      For my February program that I just released today I recommend a similar style of training; I have a calendar included to give you a visual as to how the program is best performed. The difference with February’s program is that I have included an option fifth day of training with 4 different workouts for you to choose from.

      The beauty of these programs is that they are all about YOU! If you’re schedule doesn’t allow 4 days of working out one week then no sweat. The way I’ve prescribed is how I feel will best maximize your results, but I can help you tailor it to suit your needs 🙂

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